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 New Member intro

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Akasha Je'Une
Baby of Light

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Join date : 2014-09-20
Age : 34
Location : Texas

PostSubject: Re: New Member intro   Tue Sep 23, 2014 10:14 am

Hi all! Yeah... I've been bad. Been a member of Lotus for awhile now and hadn't introduced myself here. Well, here I am now. I'm Akasha! I am actually female lol. I'm a level 50 scholar now (yay!) and working toward getting better. Seriously, if you see I'm doing something inefficiently tell me. I am fully aware that the way I figured things out on my own may not be the best way and I always welcome tips of any kind. I'm slowly working on my crafting and gathering focusing mostly on botany and weaving. I'm excited for the end game stuff but am now realizing I really need to stop playing with my 360 controller and just use the keyboard and mouse if I really want to do this stuff Rolling Eyes.

Anyways a bit of personal info about me. I'm in Texas and hate it lol. Hoping to get out of this place soon. I love metal music. Nightwish, Ensiferum, Kamelot, Amaranthe and Blind Guardian are some of my favorite bands. I'm into anime. Some of my favorites are Fairy Tail, Yu Yu Hakusho, Attack On Titan, Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple, Bleach, and Naruto. I love games of all kinds. All Bioware games are among my favorites as well as Persona 3 Portable, Skyrim, Borderlands, Civilization Revolution, Sims, Final Fantasy games, Saint's Row, and many more lol. I haven't played MMOs extensively and FFXIV is the first one I've gotten to endgame with. I have two daughters ages 6 (7 in 2 weeks) and 8. They love to distract me during dungeons Mad. It's like they wait for the battle music to start to come bug me about things lol. I'm unemployed right now and I just finished school so I'm looking for work. I hate job hunting with a passion.

I guess that's about it. Oh, I'm definitely an introvert and generally rather quiet. I enjoy listening to others more than talking. So if I'm quiet in ts or in the chat that's why lol. That and I just get focused on what I'm doing. I do try to help when I can so if you ever need something just ask!

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Bank Officer

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Join date : 2014-05-13

PostSubject: Re: New Member intro   Tue Sep 23, 2014 1:29 pm

Welcome, Akasha!!

I'll have to get in TS more often and we can listen to everyone together. Smile Haha, you should talk to some of the other parents in the fc, they probably feel the same way. xD

Welcome again! Smile
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Baby of Light

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Age : 45
Location : South Florida

PostSubject: Re: New Member intro   Sat Aug 22, 2015 11:56 am

Fairly new member here... Long time MMO player (started with UO) that used to play SWTOR with Felicia and Raz.

Now hooked on this game and happy to meet you all.

Old guy living in S. Florida.
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Baelfire Pendragon
Baby of Light

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Join date : 2015-10-06

PostSubject: Re: New Member intro   Wed Oct 07, 2015 10:49 am

Hey, names Baelfire pendragon on game. Real names Chris. Just wanted to introduce myself rq and thank yall once again for letting me into this great fc.
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Drake Wind
AF King
AF King

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Join date : 2014-05-07

PostSubject: You are Welcome!   Wed Oct 07, 2015 4:13 pm

Welcome to The Grand White Lotus.
May the Lotus always Bloom.
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Baby of Light

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Join date : 2015-12-08

PostSubject: Re: New Member intro   Tue Dec 08, 2015 1:47 pm

Hi everyone!

My name is Dawn, or on the internet in general as Dawnrie. I'm a nerd from Ohio. I play Valenice OfDaventry. I'm mainly a DPS as a level 60 Ninja/Monk, but I am working on a tank class (Dark Knight, Lv. 52), and still trying to figure out what healer class I want to take on.

You can find me on other sites
Twitter name: MissDawnrie
DeviantArt name: Dawnrie
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Kahlan Selruvia-Scarlet
Baby of Light

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Join date : 2016-01-02
Age : 25
Location : Ontario, Canada

PostSubject: Re: New Member intro   Sun Jan 03, 2016 9:44 pm


My name is Kahlan (Or ingame as Kiri Selruvia-Scarlet (Actual ingame name only has Selruvia)). I'm a mostly shy girl from Ontario, Canada. I'm an Astrological Healer main, and a secondary Bard and Dark Knight.

I'm extremely quiet in voice chat, because of being shy, but I'll usually be a bit more talkative in text chat.

On Other Sites, I am Uhm...:

Tumblr: Kahlan-Nightblossom
DeviantArt: Kahlan-Fairless
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Baby of Light

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Join date : 2017-08-04

PostSubject: Re: New Member intro   Sat Aug 05, 2017 9:45 am


My name is John (In Game Heiro Jero). I just started out so am only a Lancer in my mid teens. I'll be more talkative when I feel I can contribute more! Thanks for having me!
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PostSubject: Re: New Member intro   

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New Member intro
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