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Drake Wind
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Drake Wind

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PostSubject: Donations!!!   Donations!!! EmptyFri Jul 03, 2015 12:06 pm

Hey Everyone,
                   I have decided to make an official post for why we are collecting Donations for the Free Company. Going forward we wanted to expand certain things in Lotus. The first being our Team Speak, we have recently made an upgrade to allow 40 members use team speak at any time. The cost increase to do this was roughly 6$ more a month.

We have also paid for a new website / domain to provide a better front page to Lotus. One we can customize and truly allow our Media Officers creative expressions to flow.

On top of this the money we collect will allow us to hold better events for more unique prizes. These prizes will be items from the Mog Station such as minions, mounts, or even fantasia potions.

We have also added the incentive program for anyone who donates 5$, 10$, or 20$. The donations you gives will earn you various random minions or in game items that we have set up.

So far we have given out 2 minions for people who have donated over 20$.

Thanks for reading everyone and for helping out.

Drake Foxwind~

Click me to Donate!!!
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