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 Change in Ranks

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Drake Wind
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Drake Wind

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PostSubject: Change in Ranks   Change in Ranks EmptyWed Sep 23, 2015 7:38 am

Hello Everyone,
                     I am pleased to announce that we are changing the way the ranks work in Lotus. This is to better simplify things in regards to why people have certain ranks and how we gauge the authority needed for these tasks.

Currently the biggest change we will be making is to the Quarter Master Rank. This rank will be changing into a trail (Officer) rank. This means, people who we are considering for Officer Positions will be placed in this rank on a trial period for 6 Weeks / 45 Days.

In this time we will gauge how the person is doing in regards to the new role. We will measure this different for everyone, as all Officers have their own tasks they do to keep Lotus running smoothly. Examples of this > Vidin Foxwind runs this Website, Kuro Shima runs Team Speak.

In this we are hoping to carve out new knishes to promote new people into Officer Roles. One of the biggest thing we are looking at doing in this shift. Is allowing anyone who is Quarter Master already a chance at becoming a General. So if you are a Quarter Master and would like to become an Official General in Lotus. We are giving you the opportunity to show the Over Seers and myself you have what it takes.

In order to do this, we are asking that you come up with an Action Plan. This Action Plan, is something you feel you can bring to Lotus as an Officer and run. We currently have a lot of our tasks handled in Lotus by Officers. So finding something we lack will take imagination and time. Though should you feel we require something new, and would like the opportunity to run it. Then we are offering you this chance.

We will be asking all Quarter Masters first to consider this. We will be giving anyone who is currently a Quarter Master in Lotus until October 1st to consider this offer. At which time we will need to have something in place for your Action Plan, or we will be changing your rank accordingly.

At the same time, anyone who is currently in a Raider Rank, or Royal Guard Rank. Should you like to become an Officer in Lotus. We will be accepting all Action Plans after October 1st for consideration. We have no maximum amount of Officers we can have. So long as each Officer is pulling their weight and doing a good job for Lotus.

Below will be an Example of an Action Plan, so you may better understand what we are looking for.

Name: Drake Foxwind
Position: AF KING
Desired Position: General

New Responsibilities: (I wish to bring an out reach program to Lotus/Recruitment/Advertising)
How you will Achieve this: I will do daily invites to all who do not have a FC yet. I will do events bi-monthly where we hand out various prizes and tokens to other people in cities - to let them know Lotus cares. I will do Advertising eternally and externally should we need to for events.

This is an Action Plan that I would take to the Over Seers and discuss. We would weigh if this is something we need in Lotus. We would weigh the options, come up with solutions, and approach you for a meeting. In this we would consider the offer you have brought to the table and possibly try you out as a Quarter Master over the next 45 days.

Submit All Action Plans to (


Drake Foxwind~
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Change in Ranks
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