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 New Officer Positions

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Drake Wind
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AF King
Drake Wind

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PostSubject: New Officer Positions   New Officer Positions EmptyWed Mar 23, 2016 6:50 am

Good Morning Everyone,
                                I am writing this post in order to let the free company know that we are currently looking to fill the following officer roles within Lotus. These roles will consist of various responsibilities and require special attention to detail when full filling them. Should you be interested, we ask that you submit your action plan/application as per the usual. We will review this and do a vote at our bi-weekly officer meeting to verify the plans prior to your interview.

1. Recruiter/Promoter - Responsible for keeping our member count high. Also will require you to help out on the Welcome Wagon with handing out Welcome Baskets. We will also ask that you advertise the various events within Lotus and Programs. We will also want you to build a small team of helpers in regards to inviting new members to Lotus through Social means or events. Should you have any questions, please reach out to Drake Wind.

2. Gathering, Gardening, Chocobo Stables - We are looking for someone to help maintain the FC Grounds, Gardens, and someone who can help keep up the FC chest with Soils/Crystals. This position is for someone who really likes to Gather and can future plan the crops that we will need to grow. FC also has several other houses that will require watering daily. We are also requesting that you assemble a team of Gatherers to assist in mitigating the strain on yourself of keeping the chest fully stocked on crystals and soils.

At this time, these are the two Officers positions we are looking to fill. You must be a Royal Guard, or Raider to apply. All positions are on a trial bases/probation period to test out your abilities prior to going to General. Please email me your action plan at ( should you wish to apply. Below will detail what an Action Plan needs for approval.


Name: Drake Foxwind
Position: AF KING
Desired Position: General

New Responsibilities: (I wish to bring an out reach program to Lotus/Recruitment/Advertising)
How you will Achieve this: I will do daily invites to all who do not have a FC yet. I will do events bi-monthly where we hand out various prizes and tokens to other people in cities - to let them know Lotus cares. I will do Advertising eternally and externally should we need to for events.

(Please make sure to detail how you will run your new responsibilities and what we can expect as the results.)

Thanks for reading,

Drake Wind~
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New Officer Positions
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