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 Looking for a master tanker

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Baby of Light

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PostSubject: Looking for a master tanker   Tue May 27, 2014 8:54 pm

This is kenichi Cool 
Last night I final reached lv40 for my paladin
Duty find my way to the stone vigil cuz it was for my main quest.
So I'm in here, I tell all it's my first run. They say they will support.
I know how to make n keep aggro but it was my first time that I had to lure.
I must sucked at it sooo much that they(well one guy)said I was carried watever that means.

Well after a few missteps, ice dudes popin up from nowhere
We finally reached the boss.
One of the nice guys give me a tip on dangers and where to tank .
I do exactly that...don't get hit by his aoe doing a good job
But then I die..
Retry...I die
Name calling happens...
Apperently if a tank is keeping aggro and avoid aoe and still dies
It's the tanks fault....
I wanted to say that the healer wasn't focusing on me
But the guy calling me carried pile of sh!t
Was the healer....
Maybe I was doing something wrong
Wrong set of class skills I'm using...

It would help me grand if the masters of tanking would leave some tips
For tanking and dungeoning
Sorry for the long story

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Lily Rain
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Lily Rain

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PostSubject: Re: Looking for a master tanker   Tue May 27, 2014 10:40 pm

Hiya Kenichi,

Sorry you had such a bad experience. Believe me, I've been there a lot, sometimes I did deserve the blame and sometimes the people blaming are in the wrong. The dungeons start getting difficult after Brayflox, and Stone Vigil is no exception.

Although I haven't played a Paladin to that level yet (Being a Warrior myself), One of the things you should always keep updated is your gear. Make sure you've got the best gear that you can get available for your level (Whites from shops or Market Board would do just fine, duty drops even better). This will help you with survivability and will make things a lot easier for your healer.

Another thing you could do if you haven't already, spend time levelling the cross class skills for your Paladin. If I recall, Paladins can get cross class skills from Marauder and Conjurer. For the marauder, try to level it to at least 8 so you can get the Foresight (Increases defense by 20%) and Bloodbath (Converts 25% of physical damage dealt to HP) buffs. These offer extra survivability.

Don't forget to turn on Shield Oath! Not only does this reduce damage done to you by 20%, but it also increases enmity. Sometimes it turns off randomly at the start of dungeons so always be aware of that.

When engaging mobs/bosses, remember to use your defensive skills and buffs, but don't use them all at the same time. Try to spread them out- as one buff ends activate another. So for instance when you activate Rampart, after it has expired, activate Foresight, then your next defensive buff, etc. Also, make sure to activate Convalescence to help your healer out.

If you haven't started marking, I would suggest you start doing it. Mark the enemies in the order that you want your team to take down, and tell your team to focus fire in the order given. Not only does this help you keep enmity, but I find it makes the fight less drawn out (rather than everyone attacking a different target, you take each one down individually faster, causing less overall damage to happen to you). In addition if you have a competent Thaumaturge, you could ask them to Sleep targets you mark with a bind, and it will help ease off some pressure. Keep in mind though that some targets are unsleepable (like the patrolling Aevis').

The Aevis', the main patrolling enemies of the dungeon are huge pain in the asses to deal with, and what you want to do is to try to pull them away before dealing with other mobs. There are several side rooms that you can pull them into, but make sure to tell your group where you will pull and to tell them to stay out of Line of Sight (LoS) of other mobs and patrollers. Basically, just make sure you pull these patrollers out of range of other mobs and you'll do fine.

Ice sprites will appear most often in those "empty" hallways. Usually, they appear when you or your party members come close to distinct snowy ground, so be  prepared to deal with those before moving on.

Lastly for the bosses, positioning is key. Face the boss AWAY from your party, and when dodging AOE's, make sure you remember to get back into position. Sometimes some bosses will face away to attack the other party members (scripted attacks) and this is unavoidable.

Don't ever be discouraged by other players. If they whine kick and scream, just ignore them. Some people don't even tank and think they know everything about the class, and some people are just assholes. Tanking is a long and ardous road full of ups and downs, so as long as you keep striving for improvement and practice and you'll find less and less people getting mad, and people will start complimenting you.

I hope this helps you. Keep on tanking.
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Baby of Light

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PostSubject: Re: Looking for a master tanker   Tue May 27, 2014 11:57 pm

Thank you lily!!!! Some great tips
Cross skills I've done with conj
But I did know about marauder skills
I'll be doing that next time I get on .
Gear is a problem...Ilvl I think is 29
Armor and weapons are near my lvl but the accessories are low lvl
I'm wasn't sure where to get any good armors
Thanks for that tip
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Child of Light

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PostSubject: Re: Looking for a master tanker   Wed May 28, 2014 10:04 am

As Lily already has said, make sure you keep your ilvl up with your actual level if you can. Marketboard helps a lot but if you don't have much money it's not a very valid option. But there are definitely some good accessories to grab that aren't too expensive. You'll want the yellow gem rings/earrings.

Also as Lily said, Marauder needs to be at least 6 for Fracture/Foresight, 8 for Bloodbath. Conjurer should get to 34 eventually so you can get stoneskin, but that's more for solo as in groups you'll likely have a healer to do that already.

Marking definitely will make a difference if you seem to have trouble overall holding aggro. Your gear level is too low and when you add split DPS'ing to that, keeping agro is next to impossible. If you mark them 1,2,3 etc. most of the time your DPS will follow suit and create an easier progression as you likely won't be losing aggro left and right. If you notice they are ignoring the numbers, make sure to put them in line and tell everyone to please kill in order.

As far as starting a fight/boss I like to (considering I'm lvl 40): Fight or Flight, Shield Lob, (Flashx2 if multiple mobs) Fast Blade, Savage Blade, Rage of Halone. If it is a boss I'll repeat Halone combo until I have a decent amount of threat, and then switch to Fast Blade > Riot Blade, to rebuild MP. If there are multiple mobs, I'll Halone combo the first mob that most people are targeting (after I Flash a couple times). Then I switch through different mobs in the group to make sure DPS/Healer aren't creeping up the threat meters too quickly.

Once you get to level 50 the combo will be a little more intense as you will have Spirits Within and Circle of Scorn skills that are not on your GCD (Global cooldown). In layman's terms you can use these two spells immediately after you use any spell that is on the global cooldown. So if you were to use Rage of Halone, while your skills were rebooting you could use Spirits Within immediately for no charge of TP or MP, and a pretty solid amount of dmg. Or when you are starting your fight, you can use Circle of Scorn immediately after your Shield Lob/Flash, to additionally build some enmity while your main skills are on CD.

The one thing I try to remember while tanking is to not let players put you down. Everyone at some point is going to be new or a first timer. The difference between a good and an elite player, to me, is someone that will take the time out to explain a boss fight or show you a better position to stand, rather than curse you out or rage quit. It's not a matter of being dumb, but you just don't know because you're new. If you've been in Stone Vigil 100 times and still can't figure it out, then, yes, you are likely dumb.

My last suggestion would be to always make sure to read up on the dungeon you're about to enter, or even watch a video. Since you are 40, from now on most people will be expecting you to have a good feel for your character. Especially being a tank we are typically expected to know what we are doing, even when we haven't been there before. If you are planning on doing a new instance make sure you somewhat know the boss fights. We seem to get a short end of the stick in some cases because when we don't know our job it's pretty easy for someone else to notice. DPS/heals you can't really tell until the boss fight, so I've found it best to give people as little to complain about as possible.

Whenever you seem me on I'd be glad to give some advice if I can. Or if you have more questions here, post em'!


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Child of Light

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PostSubject: Re: Looking for a master tanker   Wed May 28, 2014 10:09 am

And always make sure Shield Oath is up. Unless you're in a situation where you are the off-tank doing DPS, then you use Sword Oath.
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Baby of Light

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PostSubject: Re: Looking for a master tanker   Thu May 29, 2014 3:25 am

Poo thank you too for the great tip,,, keeping all that in mind and upgrading my gear I went to stone dungeon twice last time and it was a lot smoother then the first run!!!
Still take a lot of damage from big mobs
Or bosses so I'm gonna work on gettin my defensive cross skills next time I get on
Thank you guys!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Looking for a master tanker   

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Looking for a master tanker
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