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 Recruit for Stormblood Event!

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PostSubject: Recruit for Stormblood Event!   Fri Jun 16, 2017 3:23 am

Event Date and Time:
June 16, 2:00 a.m PST - June 30, 12: a.m PST

The Grand White Lotus is excited to embark on new adventures as we go into Stormblood. We will be actively running open recruitment for the beginning weeks of expansion release to grow our Free Company's community with many active players to explore and share our experience with the new content. As well, we would like to give new players to FFXIV a welcoming home, and give them the opportunity to enjoy their game time. We will be giving out a handful of awesome prizes to the top 3 recruiters! Any FC member who recruits at least 1 player will receive a Minion. Also, if the Welcome Wagon reaches 75 members in the Event, all linkshell members who logged in during the Event time will also receive a prize!!

Everyone in Lotus is welcome to participate in this event, all you have to do is recruit players to our FC to receive credit, and applications can be accepted by anyone. If you recruit a player that joins Lotus, contact me with both your in-game name, and theirs and receive 1 credit towards the top prizes!. I can be contacted in-game via PST and Moogle Mail, I can also be contacted on Discord, or mailed here on the website.


-Participation Reward-
Members who recruit at least 1 player - Receive a Garlic Jester!
Welcome Wagon's population reaches 75 - All LS members receive a - Nana Bear!

-Top Tier Prizes-
3rd Place - Receive a Zu Mount!
2nd Place - Receive 1,000,000 Gill!!
1st Place - Receive a - 25$ Visa Gift Card or PayPal Credit to be used on any online purchase!!!

Before we start
Recruiting is very simple to do, but it is very important to keep in mind, that when you recruit for the FC, you are taking responsibility of our reputation and the outlook of our players. Please be professional and respectful when recruiting.

Let the recruitment begin!
Below are the most common methods to run recruitment for Lotus. We are only seeking players who plan on actively playing in our server.
- Teleport to active zones (ex. New Gridania, Quarrymill, Idyllshire) and relay a /shout recruitment message in them every 30 minutes. You can setup a macro to use to send out your recruitment message to make it simple.

-Setup a Basic Party Finder, and make a short recruitment message in the description. This will allow players who are interested to join and learn more about what Lotus offers.

- Open up Main Menu>Social>Player Search and you will see a list of up to 200 of the most recent players you came across. Any player without an FC you can /tell with a very short/basic recruitment message, if they reply and are interested, you can give more details of what we offer.

Players will likely ask to learn more about us if they are interested in joining, if you are unsure about our general FC details, and what we offer players, or want advice to recruit more effectively PST me in game or contact me on discord.

1st place winner reward terms and conditions: Gift Card will not be mailed out, Winner will receive full card details to be entered for any online purchase. Card will remain active and protected until all funds have been spent. If PayPal option is chosen, Winner must have an accessible PayPal account that can accept funds.
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Recruit for Stormblood Event!
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