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 Halloween Party - The Night of the Living Kami (October 28, 1 PM PST)

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Drake Wind
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PostSubject: Halloween Party - The Night of the Living Kami (October 28, 1 PM PST)   Wed Aug 23, 2017 2:31 pm

Greetings Everyone,

I am happy to announce our Halloween Event this year will revolve around Kami. These are traditional Japanese Spirits and God's. However, in FF14. The Othard (Eastern Continent) of Hydaelyn (The World) consider Kami to be Primals, such as Susanoo & Lakshmi.

This event will be held on October 28th at the FC house. The festivities will start at 1 PM PST, and end around 4 PM PST.

Prizes & Games:

Door Prize: Nightmare Pegasus Whistle. (Will be randomly rolled for at the end of the event. In order to Qualify, you must have been at the event from Start to Finish, and played in every event.)

Prize Bags: Wind-Up Lakshmi or Wind-Up Susanoo (Everyone will get one or the other, when they attend and compete in at least one event/game).

Glamour Contest: The Glamors will be based around the Primals this year. Please feel free to dress up as any Primal / Summon / or Kami from Japanese folklore.

First Place: Fantasia Potion

Second Place: Odder Otter

Third Place: Dress-up Yugiri

Primal Trivia: Random Trivia based on Primal's or Summons throughout the Final Fantasy Universe.

Prizes: Wind-up Bismarck, Wind-up Susano, Wind-up Lakshmi, Wind-up Shiva, Wind-up Ramuh, Wind-up Ifrite, Wind-up Garuda, Wind-up Titan, Wind-up Leviathan, Blissful Barding, Expanse Barding, Hive Barding, Horde Barding, Ice Barding, Levin Barding, Reveler's Barding, Sophic Barding, Tidal Barding, Zurvanite Barding.

Random Room Roulette: First person to open trade with Drake, who is hidden in one of the FC Member's Random Rooms wins.

Prizes: Mog Station Edda Scythes, Ghido, Ivon Coeurlfist Doll, and Wind-up Khloe.

Hide & Seek: Drake will hide some where in the FC Houses Ward. First person to find and open trade with Drake. Wins.

Prizes: Demonic Barding, Bom Boko, Road Sparrow, Magitek Avenger F1.

Shifting Rooms: Something within the FC house, or a Random room will change. The first person to state what has changed, will win.

Prizes: Play Dead Emote, Mock-up Grynewaht, Castaway Chocobo Chick, Baby Bombfish,

Drake's Goodie Bag: We Randomly Roll off for high, low, or specific numbers. The person who rolls the correct number for that round, will win a chance to pick a spot between 1-25. Each spot has a random item or prize.

Prizes: (It's a Surprise)

Please read again closer to event for any revisions that have happened.
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Halloween Party - The Night of the Living Kami (October 28, 1 PM PST)
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