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PostSubject: Artemis Rose   Artemis Rose EmptySat Nov 04, 2017 2:05 pm

HOWDY! So, my actual name is Luke (You can call me Luke or Artemis I do not care which). I have been playing MMO's since the WoW beta. I started playing FFXIV in 1.0, then quit for a bit, then came back for 2.0 and have been on and off since then. I enjoy playing a couple classes but I main WHM (ilvl 336 currently). I used to be a hardcore omnicrafter and was my fc's main craftinator. Now, I just craft casually and haven't tried to progress too far with it. I like raiding and challenging myself. I raid with a static 2 times a week and am progressing through savage content (currently stuck on o3s). I love helping out when I can and having a good time. Any questions or anything just hit me up in game.
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Artemis Rose
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