The Forum of the Grand White Lotus, a Free Company of Eorzea.
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Main Guild Rules (Golden Rules)
  1. The Grand White Lotus is an open and friendly community for all to join. Everyone is welcome unless previously stated by leadership.

  2. The Grand White Lotus is an M-rated (Mature) free company. This means some language used in free company chat and voice chat may be considered inappropriate for people under the age of 17. If you have an issue with the language used by specific members do not call the person out in FC chat, voice chat, or on the forums. Please speak with a general or overseer directly to discuss the issue.

  3. The Grand White Lotus is an environment full of diverse and unique people and, in being such, conflict may arise between members. Members are obligated to respect a person’s individuality and basic human rights even if they do not agree with each other. We will not tolerate harassment of any kind. If a member is found guilty of harassment he/she will be removed from the free company.

  4. The Grand White Lotus is a mid-core free company. This means we have players ranging from those who may have just started to those who have been playing for years. We ask that you keep this in mind as the skills of members will vary. If you feel you have valuable input to help your fellow members, then please approach them with the goal to educate. Try to use criticism in a constructive manner as some members may feel as if you are attacking them personally, even if that was not your intent.

  5. Everything a member of The Grand White Lotus does will reflect on the free company as a whole; this includes both negative actions and positive actions. Even though we are one of the largest and most active free companies on the server, we are just one group in a game with millions of active players. Please keep this in mind when out in the game as news tends to travel quickly.

  6. Final Fantasy XIV is a game, and the main point of any game is to have fun. If you, for any reason, are not having fun while playing the game we ask you to tell us why. We can only help when others ask for it.

    Thanks for reading.