The Forum of the Grand White Lotus, a Free Company of Eorzea.
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This page contains information regarding ranks, including how to raise in rank in Grand White Lotus.
  1. AFKing - Leader of The Grand White Lotus - Head of Lotus Council.
  2. Overseer - FC Council Members who make and enforce Lotus Policy.
  3. General - Officers who enforce Lotus Policy and run divisions of Lotus.
  4. Quartermaster - Officers in Training (45 Day Trial Period)
  5. Raiders - Members of the officially sanctioned Lotus Raid Groups
  6. Royal Guard - Proven Lotus members who are helpful, outgoing, active, and trustworthy.
  7. Captain - Members with 3 classes at 60, enrolled in a Grand Company and active in Lotus
  8. Chocobo Knight - Members with 1 class over 60, enrolled in a Grand Company and active in Lotus
  9. Squire - Members enrolled in a Grand Company and active in Lotus
  10. Citizen - New members to Grand White Lotus
  11. Wanderer - Inactive members who are offline for 21+ days without vacation notice
  12. Vacation - People who plan to be gone more than 21 days and have given notice to an officer

  13. * Inactive members (Wanderer Rank) will be removed from the FC roster after 45 days offline

    ** Any members inactive more than 180 days will be removed from the FC roster regardless of rank
    AF King

  • Drake Natsukaze - Free Company Leader

  • Overseers:

  • D'shtola Natsukaze - Lottery/Hunt Master/Leader of Raid Group 1
  • Windgrace Shinonome - Financial Forecaster
  • Kei'moh Shinonome - Raid Assistant/HOT Program/Co-Raid Leader of Raid Group 1
  • Vidin Foxwind - Recruitment/Media

  • Generals:

  • Dregus Steeleagle - Website and TeamSpeak Guru
  • Arcane Seraph - Recruiter
  • Rhion Balehart - Media Officer
  • Assjask/Mistress Sage - Gathering Officer
  • Annila Cala - Gardening/Chocobo Caretaker
  • Post Mortem - Welcome Wagon/Recruiter

  • Mr. and Ms. Lotus:

  • Post Mortem - Mr. Lotus
  • Katt Stark - Ms. Lotus

  • Quartermasters:

  • Coffee Bean
  • Euphreti Vail
  • Katoma Mundara
  • Sasaya Saya
  • Syuli Ahna

    Master Crafters and Gatherers

  • Gatherers - D'shtola Natsukaze, Vidin Foxwind, Windgrace Shinonome, Tace Seraph, Arcane Seraph, Kei'moh Shinonome, Drake Natsukaze
  • Crafters - D'shtola Natsukaze, Windgrace Shinonome, Assjask Sage, Ren Sage
The following are ways to rank up in Lotus:
  1. Be helpful to other FC members. Show initiative to help others and Lotus.
  2. Donate your time and materials to Lotus.
  3. Participate in contests and FC activities.
  4. Show a positive attitude in Lotus as a member or future officer.
  5. You can also fill out this form, here!