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 Readme, please!

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Readme, please! Empty
PostSubject: Readme, please!   Readme, please! EmptyFri Dec 12, 2014 7:28 pm

Hi, Lotus,

This is a sub forum to request one or multiple items to be crafted by another member in the Free Company. This sub-forum is only for crafting requests. Gathering requests can be made in another sub-forum under Disciples of the Land forum. Wink

You may create a thread requesting items to be crafted here and someone else may take it and contact you either with a post/PM here in the forum, or in-game. Keep in mind that, no one is enforced to take your request so keep the request reasonable (or you can pray that one of our master crafters smile generously upon you  Laughing )

Some tips on creating your requests, put the name of the item and probably the amount that you need as the title of the topic. You may also want to specify whether you have any materials for your requested item(s), necessary job and level, and, optionally, rewards. Cool

If you're using this service, the one who takes your request and you might not usually play at the same hours. In order to transfer any related items (materials, rewards, and result), you can use in-game mailbox if you are friends, maybe Company Chest if you have access to it, or someone you know really well as middleman.

This post might get updated in the future, but for now, I hope it helps.
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Readme, please!
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