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 Lycelle and Paraphx Deanu

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Lycelle D
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PostSubject: Lycelle and Paraphx Deanu   Fri Aug 14, 2015 6:21 pm

Just wanted to say hello from Para and I. We're both real happy to be here with our friends Kiven, Casomir and Tylwyn. We transferred together from another FC just looking for a bigger pool of people to play with.

I main WHM and 2nd SMN, Para mains PAL and 2nds WAR and BLM.  We are both very interested in getting into Alex Savage so if there's anyone out there also interested let us know!! Or if we can ever fill in spots.

RL we live in the Dallas area and we have 5 kids.. all 10+ and most of them are into gaming (computer and table top) and anime etc as well. We play most nights between 7 - 10 CST and weekends vary.

That's about all I can think of so see you in game!

PS Oh and we're glad to help with pretty much anything, story line, dungeons, helping with a faster roulette queue etc.

PPS Para says just ask Ly she decides what we're doing anyway  tongue
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Lycelle and Paraphx Deanu
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