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 ~Phaerasil Terravitria~

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Baby of Light

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PostSubject: ~Phaerasil Terravitria~   ~Phaerasil Terravitria~ EmptyFri Jul 18, 2014 4:56 am

Hello everyone! ^_^

So after about a month of experience with FFXIV:ARR, and probably a few weeks by now of actually being in the free company, I finally decided to register here in hopes to better introduce myself to you all and become a bit more active in the community.

Now where should I begin......Well, in terms of my introduction to FFXIV:ARR to begin with, I have always been a fan of Final Fantasy in general, since I first got into Crystal Chronicles and Tactics Advance. And being a big gamer since my youth, I had the dilemma of deciding which path I would take for the coming generation of video games: Should I get an Xbox One, a PS4, or build a PC? Despite having had an Xbox 360 from the previous gen, the Xbox One quickly lost its luster, once I saw the JRPGs and fighting games I missed out on with the PS3 and got the chance to play the Xbox One's current exclusives. From there I eventually deduced, after quite a while of soul-searching and hardcore research that the PS4 would be preferred over a PC. And with the knowledge of FFXIV:ARR being an MMO where I could play on my PS4 with people on their PCs and PS3s as well, I couldn't wait to join the adventure.

Since White Mages are awesome, I decided to start out as a Conjurer. Then after a bit of experience with the class, I found the inability to move and cast simultaneously not quite fitting for my playstyle. So after reaching level 10, I became an Archer and loved every second of it. Somewhere along the way, I ran across Chibra Lieu in Gridania and, by forces beyond my control at the time, I found myself examining her profile. Seeing the level 50 across the top of the menu puzzled me at first. "Is the Inverse Law of Protection of Female Armor in effect?" I asked myself before researching the glamour system. Later I came across a Dragoon, whose name I unfortunately do not remember, with some of the coolest armor I had seen. Upon examining his profile, I saw he was in the same free company as Chibra. Between the flashy armor choices I had seen and the free company's emblem, I was greatly interested in hopping aboard if they'd let me.

Since then I've basically just been silently lurking around the FC chat in-game and leveling my character. I am now a level 50 Bard, and I'm currently working on leveling all of my crafting/gathering classes along with my Conjurer as my secondary class. Now that my love for the game has been realized, it seemed appropriate that I formally introduced myself, so that I may become more involved with you all.

Outside of the game, I'm currently working and otherwise enjoying my summer break before college courses start again. And since lists are easy, I'll follow Drake Wind's lead.

Country: United States of America
College Major: Chemical Engineering w/ Minor in Economics
Hobbies: Listening to music of all genres, playing video games, watching (too much) anime, hanging with friends, making and enjoying artwork

All in all, I look forward to getting to know you all better, and I apologize for the super long introduction. Brevity does not happen to be my strong suit.
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PostSubject: Re: ~Phaerasil Terravitria~   ~Phaerasil Terravitria~ EmptySun Jul 20, 2014 11:51 am

Welcome, Phaerasil Smile

We should go down to Frontlines again sometimes soon.
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~Phaerasil Terravitria~
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